closets, closets, closets

When we were working on our allowances with the builder, we made sure to include a healthy budget for custom closets. With each bedroom having a walk in closet, two linen closets, and a large walk in pantry, there would be a lot to cover!

Throughout our research, we quickly realized that toe kicks on a closet system help to make it look completed. (Toe kicks are the trim at the bottom of the closet) Of course, there are a few downsides to them as well. Not only do toe kicks add to the cost of your closets but they can also limit your ability to store something directly on the floor under the bottom shelves. We decided to help save money and also for practicality, to not include toe kicks on the linen closets.

Another helpful tip we learned was to put a shelf between two hanging bars. This shelf serves as another place to store items such as shorts, jeans, etc. and also helps to divide the space.


As we were nearing the latter half of construction, we started going back and forth with the closet company and working on designs. For most of the bedrooms, we kept the closets simple, trying to maximize hanging space while including a row of shelves that could one day transition into drawers if desired.

In the master bedroom, we went ahead and had some drawers installed in hopes that we may no longer need a dresser in the bedroom. We also do a lot of ironing, especially touching up items in the morning before work, so we wanted to incorporate an ironing board into our closet that would be near an outlet. The company we used, Closet Monkey, was able to provide an ironing board can be pulled out of one of the drawers and unfolded. So while you may lose a drawer, it is really convenient and can easily be put away. We were also able to incorporate two valets so we can each set out clothes for the next day and tie/ belt racks. We were thrilled with how great the closet turned out and I can’t wait to move my stuff and get organized!


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