moving on out 

Tomorrow is the big day when the movers will arrive and we will be in our new house! The builder will still be working on a punch list of items but I couldn’t be more excited to be in the house. In honor of the move, here is a listing of moving items: 

  • Turn on utilities at new house
  • Turn off utilities in old house 
  • Schedule cable provider for new house (especially important in our case since we are hosting thanksgiving next week)
  • Turn off cable at old place 
  • Move your home owners insurance or cancel a renters insurance policy and get home owners insurance 
  • Forward your mail 
  • Update your address with work, insurance companies, credit card companies, doctors, etc 
  • Make an appointment for a new drivers license to update your address 
  • Schedule a security company for a quote and install 
  • Schedule any measurements for window treatments and install (key with a new build to give you some privacy)

We found it really helpful to designate a staging area in the apartment. Needless to say, it filled up quickly! 


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