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Another item I realized we needed before we move is new address numbers for the house. The old house had numbers but they were small, a bit rusty and wouldn’t go with the new look of the house. There are a few things to consider when selecting new address numbers – size, font, color, and location.

Location – First step is deciding where you are putting the numbers on your house. Some people put them above or to the side of garage doors. Other people put them on a front entry way if it is the closet point to the street. We are putting ours on the entry way closest to the street.

Sizes – Most address numbers come in two sizes, 4 inches or 6 inches. Depending on how far away from the street your house is may dictate what size you need in order for the numbers to be readable from the street. The front of our house where we are planning to put the numbers is roughly 35 to 40 feet from the street so we decided the 6 inch numbers would be best.

Color – House numbers come in almost any color imaginable. We decided on flat black so it will stand out against the Summer Gray (white) house color.

Fonts – House numbers now come in a variety of fonts and scripts. It’s important to pick something that will be easy to read from a distance. Since our house is more transitional, we wanted to stay away from any numbers that are too traditional.

After lots of searching, we stumbled upon address numbers at Rejuvenation. They have a variety of numbers to pick from. We selected this Modern 6 Inch Address Number in Flat Black and are so excited to see it on the house!


One thought on “numbers up

  1. The ones you picked are going to look so good! For some reason, our house didn’t have the numbers on it and we didn’t realize it until we got written up by the HOA lol


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