you’ve got mail

It occurred to me last week that we will be moving in about a month from now and there is a ton of items we still need before we move, things such as a mailbox. 

On our street, mailboxes are on the houses so we were off to search for a wall-mounted mailbox. We decided to match the color of the mailbox to the door hardware (oil rubbed bronze). This definitely limited the number of options since silver, copper and white seemed to be the popular colors. 

We checked a lot of the standard places like, wayfair, and Amazon but didn’t find anything that really fit what we were looking for. Based on a recommendation, we also checked Signature Hardware which had a lot of options but nothing that really stood out. Rejuvenation was another place we looked and they had some very fun and funky options but nothing our style. 

Finally, we checked Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. I didn’t think they would carry mailboxes but was pleasantly surprised. Restoration Hardware has a very streamlined mailbox in a variety of colors that we ended up loving! It comes in two different shapes so it can fit in a variety of spaces. There wasn’t a lot of reviews online for those mailboxes but we decided to take the chance and have one on order.

Can’t wait to see how it looks on the new house!


4 thoughts on “you’ve got mail

  1. When we refinished an antique dresser, we realized that we we needed to replace the pulls and escutcheon/key hole hardware. That was 15 years ago but at the time we were well satisfied with the service and merchandise received.


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