adding a little character

We knew we wanted to mix in some different design elements for the exterior of the house and after a lot of discussion and driving around to look at homes, we agreed on white wash brick. 

I absolutely love white wash brick but soon realized all is not created equal. After making a short trip to the local brick store, we quickly learned that we like the charm and character that comes with tumbled brick. The cost for tumbled brick is higher because there is more processing involved. Similar to how you would tumble rocks as a kid to remove the sharp edges, you take a standard brick and tumble it a bit, not long enough to smooth out all the edges but enough to make it non uniform. 

Our next decision was where to put the brick. Some people put it on top of windows like an eyebrow, others put it below windows like a sill. We decided to do below on windows and above on other areas like the garage. 

The brick is in the process of being placed and it hasn’t been white washed yet. Here is a peek at some of the windows, garage, and entry way. 

We are pleased with the extra character it brings to the house! 


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