weathering the storm 

This past weekend, Centeal Florida got hit by one of the worst hurricanes in the state’s history. Luckily, thanks to a late night turn of Hurricane Matthew, the situation in the inland part of Central Florida was not as bad as predicted. 

On Thursday,  before we started to get storm bands coming through, we went by the house to make sure it was ready for the storm. Prior to any hurricane, it’s always a good idea to take photos of the exterior of house in case of any damage and insurance claims later on. 

Once the majority of the storm had passed and the local curefews were lifted, we went by the house on Friday to see how it had held up. Luckily, a few months ago, we had the tree in our front yard trimmed back away from the house. Thanks to that trimming, our large oak did really well and we didn’t have any major branches down. 

If you have ever wondered what to do with a portapotty in a storm, you can strap it to a large tree 😧

Compared to other areas in Central Florida, especially on the coast, we were really lucky and the house held up great! 


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