more than just storage 

I never imagined there was a lot of options related to cabinets until it came time to make selections. Not only are there different cabinet styles (shaker, etc) but they have varying features and costs. Here are some cabinet basics to know: 

Box construction – the cabinet box itself can be made out of different types of materials depending on your price point. Plywood is more common among the higher end lines followed by particle board and finally MDF. Both MDF and particle board are susceptible to water damage and particle board may give off vapors from the coatings. Stick with the sturdiness of plywood if you can. 

Dovetail – the tightest joint construction for corners of drawer boxes (see picture below). Corners could also be glued/ staples together but they won’t be as durable. 

Drawer support – each drawer as a support system that allows for easy movement of the drawer in and out of place. Make sure your drawers are supported on both sides and not just in the middle by one rod. 

Soft close – drawers and cabinets can come with a soft close feature where the drawer/ cabinet will be a few inches from closing and slowly close on their own. This feature is nice because it is easier on the cabinet and also keeps the noise down. 

Another option to consider is that all cabinets in your house do not have to be the same line. The kitchen cabinets could be a nicer line than the cabinets in your secondary bathrooms. This is a way to help your money go further and spend it where it counts the most! 


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