all quartz

After laying out all of the options for kitchen counter tops and a lot of discussion, we decided to switch from a quartzite/ quartz combo to all quartz countertops. We loved the low maintenance quartz countertops require and really liked their durability. There are several different quartz surface manufacturers, each with different designs and patterns. Here are some of the more common brands:

Caesarstone – a publically traded company headquartered in Isreal founded in 1987. Their products are sold in over 42 different countries world-wide

Cambria – a family owned American company with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience. Unlike the other companies, all of their products are made here in the US

Silestone – was created in 1990 as a part of the Cosentino Company, who has experience that includes exporting their products to over 80 countries world-wide

Zodiaq – a part of the DuPont Company, all of their quartz surfaces are manufactured in their plant in Canada

After reviewing each company’s designs, we decided to move forward with Cambria. We liked that the company is still family owned and manufactured here in the US. We also loved some of their new designs!



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