shades of white 

Picking a paint color for the exterior of the house seemed like an overwhelming task. We knew we wanted to go with a white to create a crispness against the black shingles, but soon learned there is a variety of whites. 

Since we decided on having some white wash brick accents on the house, we were on a mission to find other local houses that matched our color scheme. However, a lot of the houses with brick accents were not a pure white, but had almost a pink hue to them. The red in the bricks, pulled out the red hues in the white paint, something I didn’t even think about being possible. 

After a quick trip to Lowes, it was obvious that white could have a variety of undertones- beige, gray, red, green, blue, yellow, you name it. So while you may not realize it looking at one color sample, it becomes clear when you compare several or hold other colors up to it. 

In order to avoid a white with pink hue, we decided to go with a white with gray/ blue undertones. To test the color, our builder had a sample painted on the house and we are moving forward with the painting! 


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