clear as glass

After deciding on the type of window, there are still a few other selections to make:

Framing color – for most standard windows, there is two framing color options, white or a dark bronze. It’s a small and subtle difference that can change the look of a house but mainly comes down to preference.

White Windows
White framed windows

Bronze Windows
Black or dark bronze framed windows
Grid size – this is something I had never noticed before building a house but we spent a lot of time thinking about. As your window size changes throughout a house, it is important to keep the scaling of grid consistent. For example, if you look at the house above, all of the smaller grids are similar in size. To help us with gauging the right sizes, we created a spreadsheet calculating the number of smaller panes. We also used SketchUp to draw a few of the final options to help make a decision.

Style – certain houses call for a specific style of window, like a craftsman style house. A modern house may have more square or rectangular stationary windows while a Medeterian style house may have more windows with arches tops. It is important that the exterior style of your home matches with the windows.

For our house, we decided on the dark bronze framed windows to help them pop against what will be a white (with grey undertones) walls. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but we think it will look great once the house comes together!



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