thru the looking glass

Something as simple as windows can require a multitude of decisions I never expected. Aside from knowing we wanted double pane low-e windows, we had a lot of decisions to make. What color framing, what size grid, what style, how they open, the options are almost limitless. For now, let’s start with types of windows:

Single/ Double hung – a more common type of window here in Florida where the window it self is divided in halves horizontally. In a single-hung window, on the lower half of the window can be raised to be even with the top half. In a double-hung window, either the lower half can be raised or the top half can be lowered.


Casement – this window has a hinge on a side that allows the window to open outward from the house.


Sliding – similar to how sliding doors ride along a track, sliding windows do the same with at least one operating window section.


Picture – a stationary window, without any grids or divided panes.

100 Series Casement Windows, White Interior 
Ranch Home Style

Transom – a narrow or shorter window, generally placed higher on a wall that does not open with the sole intention of bringing more light to a space.


Bay – these windows generally stick out of the exterior of the house in three sections, providing more room inside. They can be a combination of picture or stationary windows in the middle section with either a double-hung or casement windows on the sides.


One of my favorite times of the year is whenever it cools off enough in Florida that you can open all your windows and let the air flow through a house. Granted, it doesn’t happen often but when it does, I’m happier than can be! So for me, it was critical that all of our windows were able to open. If we had any transom windows, then that would have been another story but transoms didn’t work out with our design. My husband was very understanding and all of our windows are double-hung. Now I’m just waiting for the first cool day to open them all up!


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