May be it’s the engineer in me but I wanted to see our house (in 3D) before it was built to get a feel for how it would flow and the general size/ dimensions. I grew up using Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software but purchasing that software is expensive and I don’t have it on my computer already from work. A co-worker introduced me to SketchUp. It was originally owned by Google but is now independent.

SketchUp is a free software (although you can upgrade to a version that requires a fee) that is similar to CADD. It will allow you to draw in 3D, add in different textures, and even import furniture/ appliances from the internet. It takes a little to get used to the software, but once you learn it, you can master drawing in 3D pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend using a mouse when working in the program to help.

Aside from drawing the house to get a feel for room size, we used to the software to help with the summer kitchen. We were debating the layout of the wall the summer kitchen was based on. Below are a few of the options we were able to draw up in SketchUp.

Full Solid Wall
Option 1 – Solid wall to base summer kitchen on
High Cut Out
Option 2 – Solid wall with high cutout for summer kitchen
Partial Wall
Option 3 – Partial wall for summer kitchen

Based on drawings from SketchUp and looking at the house (still under construction) we decided on Option 1 because it helped make the lanai feel more like another room of the house. If you have a project your considering, I would definitely recommend downloading SketchUp and giving it a try!


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