plugging in

After the interior framing was completed and electrical was roughed in (just the outlet boxes placed), we did a walk through with the builder. The main goal of this walk through was to check the location of the outlets and lighting fixtures as well as the switches.

Working room by room, we reviewed each and every location and made minor adjustments. By code, you have to have an outlet on a wall every so many feet, which is something your builder should know. We also tried to keep into account where furniture would be placed. For example, if you are planning on having nightstands in a bedroom, we tried to make sure there would be outlets behind the night stands on not on an adjacent wall. Below is a picture to help explain what I’m talking about.

Outlet Example

The location of TVs and their outlets was also something we paid close attention to. For common areas such as the loft and living room, we put the TV outlets higher on the wall so we could hang the TVs without having cords visibly running. For secondary bedrooms, we kept the TV outlets low since a TV will likely be on a dresser. Other items we tried to take into account included locations of Christmas / holiday lights and decorations, lighting based on ceiling details like coffered ceilings, and usability of light switch locations.

This walk through took a lot of thought and prep work. After spending an hour and a half walking room by room with the builder, we even came back later in the night to reconsider what we had decided upon. This is something I would be sure not to rush and take your time to get it right the first time since changes in electrical later on can be very expensive!


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