floors, floors, floors

We decided early on we wanted to have engineered hardwood floors throughout the common areas of the house. I feel they bring an extra warmth to a home and also pairs well with our style. But selecting the right material and color was not an easy task.

Engineered hardwoods are great because of their durability but all are not created equal. Some hardwoods are softer and more easily scratched than others. If you have pets (especially large dogs) or often wear tall heels inside it’s something to consider. They now have tile that looks like hardwood and is becoming very popular. This could also be a great alternative but be sure to account for the extra labor cost associated with installing a tile.

The color was also something we spend a lot of time considering. In a previous apartment Matt had lived in, he had dark hardwood floors. And while they were beautiful, I remembered him struggling to keep them clean as they often showed dust very easily. We also knew we wanted a color that would work well with gray and beige, which can be difficult to find. In additional, we have been planning to get a dog once we are in the house and he will have lighter colored hair so we tried to take that into account.

Getting the feel for a color is difficult from seeing a small sample in a flooring store. Luckily, during the Parade of Homes two years ago, we had seen some hardwood floors in a house and fell in love. They were wide plank (7 inches) and a great color (to hide dog hair). We were able to find the same floors within our budget and are so excited for how they will look in the house!



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