hitting water 

The original plan was to dig the pool first but after our builder spoke with someone in our neighborhood that was digging a pool, they decided it would be best to postpone the pool until later in construction due to the high ground water level.

The construction started towards the end of July with framing out the pool outline. Then they brought in equipment to start digging.


As they kept digging deeper, they started to hit water and installed a pump to remove it. As they continued digging, they would put gravel down (dewatering rock) and continue pumping water.


After about 6 days of digging and pumping, they were able to frame out the sides of the pool and lay down the rebar and pool piping/ drains.


Once the rebar was laid and the city inspection had been completed, they shot the pool in one day. They continued to let the pump keep draining water from under pool for a few more days.


The pool will stay in this stage until the house is closer to being completed. Then they will finish off the final touches of the tile and Pebble Tec. They actually will allow water to accumulate in the pool to counteract the force of the ground pushing the pool out and keep the pool from popping out.


We can’t wait to see the final product and start swimming!


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