jumping in the deep end

Since my last post about pools, we have made some changes. Originally we were going to install a sport style pool (shallower on both ends and a little deeper in the middle). However, throughout the building process and while working with our builder, we decided to go with a traditional shallow to deep pool. 

We felt that for resale and usability, a traditional pool was a better option for us. I also kept having the fear someone would jump into a shallow end thinking it was a deep end and get injured so this decision helped calm my nerves. 

We still wanted to keep a large shelf area where you could put chairs or sit in a few inches of water so we incorporated that into the new design. 

After laying out what we were looking for and seeing our floor plan, the pool designer came back with a recommendation. Aside from some small changes, we approved the design and we’re ready for construction! 


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