it’s in the spin cycle 

Up until now, we have always rented so we have had whatever washer and dryer was provided. Now that we are building our own house, it’s time we started doing some research getting ready for this purchase.

Growing up, everyone had a top load washing machine as it was really the only option back then. When the first generation front load washers were introduced in the early 2000’s, the reviews were pretty negative. They cost too much. They required more maintenance. They moved a lot if not balanced properly. Over time, most of these problems have been addressed in the later generations.

Until I did a little more research on the advantages and disadvantages of a front load, I wasn’t sure which way to go.

Advantages of Front Load

  • Better cleaning (some also come with a steam cycle which helps with additional stain removing)
  • Gentler on clothes
  • Spins faster so the clothes are more dry and require less time in the dryer (estimated 10% dryer than clothes washed in a top loader)
  • Use less water (estimated 5 gallons of water less per cycle)
  • More efficient (cut electricity use by up to 50% if you’re using an electric hot water heater)
  • If space is tight, it can be stacked
  • Accommodates large items such as comforters without sacrificing cleaning

Disadvantages of Front Load

  • More expensive
  • Longer wash cycle (sometimes by up to 30 minutes longer)
  • Could vibrate/ move if not installed and balanced properly
  • Because of its design, water can get trapped inside, causing musty odors to form in the washtub and the detergent dispenser

For us, the front load washing machine is the right decision. Now we can start shopping for the model and brand to fit our needs!


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