breaking ground 

The past few weeks have been going by slowly as we were in the permitting process. Waiting to get feedback from the city, making edits and resubmitting for final review took about 3 weeks. We finally got approval last week and were able to start construction! 

During the first week, they redid the silt fence around the lot (to keep dust in better), redid the protective barrier around our oak tree and started framing for the foundation. Hopefully this week, they will be able to pour the slab foundation! 

Since the foundation framing was up, we took the opportunity to measure things out to make sure they matched the plans. Even though the builder will do this, it’s always good to double check. There is a copy of the plans on site, so all we had to bring was a tape measure. Of course everything measured out but it did bring us an extra peice of mind. 

With construction starting, this house is really becoming a reality and we couldn’t be more excited!


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