package deals

Appliances can be very expensive depending on the lines you are interested in! Based on some initial research of reviews from websites like Yale Appliance and Lighting, we targeted a few specific lines and started to run numbers.

Thermador appliances have consistently high rating and listed as good value for your money. While buying all the appliances in their lines may not be economically feasible, they do have a current special (that has been ongoing for a few years) that is worth looking into. Through through One-Two-Free promotion, when you purchase a cooktop or rangetop and ovens, you get a dishwasher for free, about a $200 value. If in addition, you purchase one of their refrigerators, you could either have a ventilation hood (up to ~$4,000) or a microwave drawer (up to ~$2,000). thermador-onetwofree

Thermador is a part of BSH Home Appliances, or Bosch, so we decided to also look into their products. They also have a promotion ongoing called Step Up to Bosch where you get 10% off when you purchase three or more kitchen appliances.  Their Bosch 800 series has great reviews and provides options at a more economical price point as well as options such as the side-door for the ovens. Bosch

Ultimately, we ran a lot of different numbers on a variety of appliances and combinations and decided it was worth it for us to spend a little more on the oven and rangetop and go more economical on the other appliances to stay within our allowance. Bottom line – make sure you do your research not only on reviews but also promotions and specials to get the best value for your dollar to make your kitchen as special as you want it to be!


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