happiness is knowing there’s a cake in the oven 

Aside from a cooktop, your oven is the next big piece to a great kitchen. For the past ten years or so, convection oven microwave combos have been very popular. Because of our lifestyle and my love for baking, I have always dreamed of true double ovens so that helped to narrow down the options. One thing that I was surprised to learn while researching is that there is a number of oven door style options!

Standard door – where you pull down the door to open the oven. This is the most common door style. Biggest downside of you have to reach over the door to pull items out of the oven. This is important to keep in mind when selecting the height of double ovens in your cabinet design.   Standard door


French doors – just like refrigerators have French doors, several lines of ovens also carry this option. The thought is that it is easier to remove items from the oven because you are no longer reaching over the doors. More lines are starting to carry this as an option so as that happens, the price of this door style should come down. French doors


Side door – this door is similar style to a microwave door and also has the benefit of not requiring you to reach over the door to remove items from the oven.
Side door


Even though there were lot of advantages to the French or side doors, we were able to roll double ovens in as a part of a manufacturer special and get a better price overall on appliances than going with a different brand for the ovens. Due to this decision, we will be paying attention to the height of the upper oven to make sure it is still usable since I am a little shorter than your average adult female.  Either way, I am so excited to have double ovens to cook/ bake for the holidays!


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