cooking with gas

One of the things I was most excited about looking at was the appliances, particularly the cooktop and oven. I will cover ovens in a separate post so for now, let’s talk about the range. I had always had in mind that we would have a gas cooktop and it would be a statement piece in the new kitchen. During one of our first trips to research appliances, a salesman introduced me to the idea of induction and I was completely confused about which was to go!
Gas Cooktops  Gas


  • Heat is immediate the moment you switch the gas on. No waiting like an electric cooktop and you are able to see the flame height to see how much heat you are producing.
  • Versatile cookware – Any type of cookware will work on this cooktop
  • The look – Very classic and sure to make a statement


  • Remember you are dealing with an open flame and a potential for gas leaks (when the gas is switched on but there is no flame). The surfaces are also extremely hot to the touch
  • Cleaning – It can be difficult in getting around the burners
  • Poor efficiency – Not only is the content of the pots heating up but so if the pot and surrounding area, an important concept to keep in mind when sizing a ventilation hood. A gas cook top produces more heat so you will need a more powerful hood and likely a make-up-air vent to support the cooktop.


Induction Cooktops  InductionPros

  • Speed and accuracy of cooking – A large pot of water will boil in as little as 90 seconds on induction compared to minutes on a gas cooktop. The temperature control is actually more precise with the help of the touch controls.
  • Energy efficiency – Since induction cooktops only heat the cookware you do not have as much wasted heat as with gas or electric.
  • Safety – Many induction cooktops are actually cool enough to touch within seconds of turning them off
  • Cleaning – If there is any overflow from your pot or pan, instead of landing on a hot surface and baking on, it will land on a cool surface. Also, if you know you are cooking something that is prone to splattering, you can place a newspaper down over the entire surface between your cooktop and pots. The newspaper will not get hot or burn because induction works only through the magnetic surface of the pot.
  • The look – If you are looking for something modern, this is a great solution.


  • Limited cookware – Not all pots and pans will work with induction. To test, place a magnet on the bottom of a pan, if it sticks, it will work with induction.
  • Limited options – Since induction is still newer in the states, not as many appliances brands have options. Over the past few years, more lines are starting to carry induction and this has helped the price to come down dramatically.


While we loved all of the features, both safety and energy efficiency, related to induction, I still had a hard time giving up the idea of a professional gas cooktop. However, for us, the pros of induction outweighed our love of the look of gas and we decided to go induction in the kitchen. As a compromise, we are including a gas in the outdoor summer kitchen so we can still enjoy the best of both worlds!


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