balancing act

In building a house, there is always give and take. It could affect your budget or your space allocation, but in the end it all comes down to balancing what is most important to you. If having the high-end kitchen is important to you, then maybe you go more understated in other areas to help balance out costs. For us, entertaining, particularly outdoor entertaining, is very important. Living in Florida, we are able to use the outdoor space more times during the year and what kid doesn’t have fond memories of summer swim parties. Our focus on outdoor entertaining came at a cost but was well worth the trade off in our opinion.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the City of Winter Park has very strict building codes, one of which revolves around imperious surface. Any surface that does not allow for the passage of water, like pavers, concrete foundation, or a pool, counts as impervious. Winter Park requires that the impervious percentage of your overall lot be no more than 50%. Other cities, like Oranso, allow up to 55% impervious. While it doesn’t sound like much, 5% on a lot 70 ft by 140 ft is 490 sq ft. 


After a quick check of our impervious, we realized we were at ~54% inpervious, ~450 sq ft over. We could either reduce the size of our back patio or make a change to our driveway. Since outdoor entertaining is such a big focus for us, we decided to look into alternatives for the driveway. 

As mentioned during one of the posts on the Parade of Homes, an alterative solution is a granite chip driveway with a paver boarder as shown below.  We decide that this trade off is well worth it in order to keep our outdoor entertaining and it turns out, we like the way it looks! 



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