shining a light 

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to one of the Bevolo stores in New Orleans. Bevolo has been making gas lanterns in the French Quarter since 1945.  Everywhere you walk around New Orleans, gas lanterns are everywhere, and the majority of them are Bevolo.  

Their shop was amazing! They had a variety of the lanterns along the walls in different sizes and mounts. Below is the gas lantern that started it all, the French Quarter design with original mount, it’s one of my favorites.

At the back of the store, there is a museum showcasing the history of the brand and lanterns. There is also a copper smith who is actually working on building lanterns. All of their lanterns, gas and electric, are handmade in the US. Bevolo has a commitment to quality that is obvious in each one of their lanterns.  

One of the other amazing features of Bevolo is that they offer design services. On their website, you can submit an elevation or picture of your house and they will make recommendations. After visiting the shop in the morning, we sent them our plans and they got back to us the same day. They included pictures of the recommended lights on other homes, sizing, and pricing. If you are even considering lanterns, I would recommend reaching out to Bevolo as they were very helpful and knowledgeable!  


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