paving the way

When considering what type of surface for a patio, porch, sidewalk or driveway, pavers are a common and popular option. But just like every other selection, the types, colors and sizes of pavers is almost limitless. Let’s start by looking at the basics of the paver materials.

Concrete Pavers – Here in Florida, concrete pavers are the most common type of pavers. They are composed on a mixture of cement and fine and course aggregate. Color can be added to the mixture to produce a variety of colors to accompany the different shapes, sizes and textures. Since these are made in a factory, they are more uniform in size and are very strong and durable. 

Brick Pavers – This type of pavers is more common up north and are made from clay and shale. They are dried at extremely high temperatures, making it very strong and also stain resistant. Brick pavers are limited in color options due to the clay and they can develop a white, chalky substance, called efflorescence on the surface which can be washed away. Unlike concrete pavers which clearly have a top and bottom, bricks can be laid side-by-side, end-to-end or in a variety of other patterns.

Brick Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers – Shellstone, Travertine, and Limestone are common types of natural stone pavers. The hardness and durability of each depends on the type of stone. Limestone is one that is very durable and can generally withstand impact from a lawnmower or other lawn equipment as well as the weather elements. This type of durability comes at a price as these are some of the more expensive pavers.



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