beyond interiors

When I first thought of interior designers, my mind immediately went to soft surfaces like window covers, furniture and decorations. In the custom home market, interior designers do so much more. Designers not only can help with the hard surface selections but can also assist with floor plan flow and electrical placement.

Focusing on the hard surfaces first, interior designers can help create a signature style in each room while maintaining a cohesive flow across the house. Hard surfaces include flooring, tile, cabinets, paint color, counter tops, and so forth. Having the assistance of an interior designer brings a sense of comfort to the selection process in knowing that someone with a trained eye is overlooking the selections. 

Another area an interior designer can be of great assistance is in reviewing of the plans. When a builder looks over the floor plans they may see ways to optimize a space from a construction point of view. When a designer looks at a floor plan, they envision how the room will be utilized and optimize for that use. They can consider where the furniture will be placed and where your outlets should be located. For example, in your living room, if you have an open concept with a couch in the center, you may want to consider floor outlets so you don’t have lamp cords stretched across the room. Or in a bedroom, consider where the night stands will be placed so you have outlets close by or a tv jack and outlet on a wall across from the bed. 

An interior designer can be difference between a basic custom home and a well-thought out one. We struggled to find an interior designer we felt comfortable with that would meet our needs but are glad we didn’t settle along the way! 


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