diving in

During most of our planning, we knew we wanted to install a pool but never put too much thought into exactly what it would look like. Based on some initial research, we felt comfortable with our allowance that we could get a nice but simple unheated pool. Originally, we thought we would have to wait and install the pool at a later time, so we feel very fortunate we were able to make everything work at this time.  The first thing to decide is what will be your main use for the pool.

Traditional shallow to deep – these are pools we all grew up with where you have a shallow end on one side and a deep end on the other (likely with a diving board). Nowadays, diving boards a big liability so you will rarely see them being installed. Some people with kids prefer this style pool so kids can safety jump or dive in the deep end of a pool.  Things to consider about this type of pool is the slope going from the shallow to deep end as well as how large the shelf is in the shallow end before it starts to slope.

Traditional Pool

 Lap pools – longer narrow pools where the main intention is to swim laps. While the length of the pool can vary depending on your space, 30 to 40 feet is recommended for a good workout. Lap pools are also commonly between 8 to 10 feet wide and at least 4 feet deep. If you are planning on diving into the pool to begin your swims, you should go at a minimum, 6 feet deep on one end.

Lap Pool

Sport pools – this is somewhat of a newer trend in pools where there is a shallow end on both sides of the pool and it could be a little deeper in the middle. The key here is you want the pool deep enough you could swim laps but still shallow enough you could easily stand around or play games like volleyball.

Sport Pool

Based on the amount of space we have for a pool, we had concerns in doing a traditional shallow to deep pool with the slope being too steep and the shallow shelf being too small. We have decided to move forward with more of a sport pool with a shelf on the stairs where you could put some chairs and an umbrella or let a little kid play. This is only the first decision among many, even in regards to the pool, so stay posted for more info!

Pool Shelf


One thought on “diving in

  1. Oh my goodness, your pool is going to be amazing with that shelf!! It was always fun when we went to someone’s house with a sport pool because you could play volleyball lol Can’t wait to see what the final design is 🙂


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