no going back

Monday was a BIG day in terms of the house progress and really a point of no return. We finally had reached our 30 day notice for the demo permit, got the full demo permit approved, closed on the construction loan and were ready to move forward. Our builder scheduled the demo with the crew he generally uses and we were ready to begin!

We showed up to the lot a little before 8:30 am and all was quiet. We worked to take the house numbers off the front door to save (and maybe do something artsy with). Around 8:45 am the crew showed up and ready to work!

They started out by spraying the house down with water. During demo, there can be a lot of dust so the water helps to contain it all. Once they felt they had enough water on the structure, they used an excavator to start taking it down working from one side to the other. Later in the day, they brought in a large dumpster to start moving the debris into.

We are working on compiling some videos, but here are some photos of the action!


First demo day

Removing the roof and part of the family/ dining room
Half way point
Close up of what is left of the house and the demo notice
Only a few walls remaining
IMG_4418 - Copy
End of the first demo day
End of the second demo day

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