it’s in the details

Let’s talk more about floor plans. To give you an idea, we started working on our floor plan in late May 2015. It is now early March 2016 and I am optimistically hoping we have made our last and final tweaks, but I am sure there are others that will take place during construction.

While we were working through our alternative floor plans, we were referred to a book called Don’t forget the Linen Closets by Tracy DeCarlo. The book may not seem like much, but it is 42 pages full of recommendations and things to consider not only in the floor plan but also during construction. If you tried to implement everything in this book, it could drive you crazy but I would highly recommend it for anyone considering building.

Here are a few recommendations we found very helpful that you may not be considering:

  • Adding grit to the paint for the garage floor for added texture
  • Arrangement of bathroom fixtures – no one wants to see a toilet when they first look into a bathroom
  • Comparing your kitchen cabinet depth to the width of your plates and platters
  • Consider the furniture placement when arranging windows and outlet locations and heights – this includes floor outlets
  • Exterior outlet placement for holiday lighting
  • Hose bid placement – important to consider how you would wash a car, fill up a pool, or rinse off a patio or porch
  • Lighting in attic space
  • Location and height of thermostats
  • Location and heights of shower heads
  • Location of vacuums, brooms and other cleaning supplies
  • Main shut off valve for waterline inside the house
  • Photograph walls during the framing stage of construction – this will help with knowing the wiring locations as well as wall studs
  • Pre-wiring for security cameras
  • Safe room for hurricanes or tornados
  • Smoke detectors in garage
  • Switch to turn on exterior flood lights in master bedroom for security

The biggest difference between a nice house and an amazing house lies in the details. It is those little things that you can tell took extra thought but make a world of difference. So while you may not have a final floor plan during the first month or two, it is an investment that is well worth your time and energy!


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