a nod to the past

Now that we have signed with a builder and officially closed on our construction loan, the fun part can begin! We are still tweaking our floor plan a bit (more to come on this) but we are moving forward on all fronts.

In our area, the demolition process is several steps, step one being an application. This requires a signature from the owners (us) and some other paperwork which the builder handled. Once you get the initial approval then the 30 day waiting period begins and a sign gets posted on the house to let neighbors know a demolition has been initially approved.

Demo notice

During the waiting period, the utilities for the house should be shut off by the owner (us) and the builder sets up temporary power and water to be used during construction. This is also a good time for the builder to coordinate with pest control on doing an inspection and handling any bugs or rodents that may be at the house; this is a common requirement for most cities. After the 30 days have past, the builder applies for the official demolition permit with the city and schedules the big day with a local demolition contractor.

In our particular area, there has been a lot of demolitions and rebuilding in the past few years and there does not appear to be an end in sight. In an effort to ensure no historical buildings are being demolished, the city is increasing the waiting period from 30 days so alternative solutions can be explored. I think it is a great idea in theory because it is worthwhile to protect our city’s history but I also feel it’s important to understand that the majority of houses being demolished in the area are not historical.

During our search for a property to build a house, we were very fortunate with the house/ lot we found. The house was built in the late 1950’s and was a basic house that had not been updated much. We actually never saw the inside of the house until after we closed as the previous owner understood the value was in the land, and not the house. Once we were owners, we went through the house to look for any items that were salvageable but there were only a few light fixtures that we may try to repurpose into something else. I am sure that this was a great house in the past but unfortunately it could cost as much to build an addition and second floor on the house as it would to demolish and start new.

As a nod to the past and to help honor the house and all that it was to previous families and owners, here are some photos:


2 thoughts on “a nod to the past

  1. That is so funny y’all didn’t even see the inside till after you bought the house! I’m so excited for y’all and it was a great choice to start new 😉


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