call me goldilocks

After all of our extensive research on builders, we narrowed the list down to the final two. They each had qualities we were looking for and individual strengths, but we were struggling to make a decision because neither was exactly what we were looking for. While we were meeting with a potential interior designer, she mentioned a new builder that she had been working with a lot recently. We had actually seen this builder’s sign at a house on our local golf course, but we were hesitant to look at another builder this late in the process.

After doing a little research, we learned that this builder did not have a ton of experience in our area (only two houses), but he was building in other parts around town that are fairly similar. We drove around and found a few of his houses under construction and decided to give him a call on a Saturday afternoon. To our surprise, he answered right away and was willing to meet with us the next day at one of the houses he had built. During the meeting, we ran through all of our initial meeting questions and even got into a little more detail. At the end of the meeting, we decided we wanted to continue discussions and move forward with getting a bid from him so we followed up with our floor plan and specification sheet. Within a week, this potential builder came back with his estimated cost and we were pleasantly surprised. After adding to a few of the allocations to get our apple to apple comparison, this new builder was very price competitive while still providing the process and program management we were looking for from a builder.

Within a month of our first meeting, we were able to work through the specification sheet and contract and come to an agreement with this new builder! Although we moved through the process with him quickly, it was definitely the best fit for us and just felt right. We can’t wait to build our house with M. Lahr Homes!

img_0028 The lesson is this, not only take your time to ensure you find the right builder whom you can foresee working with for the next 9 months, but also find a builder whom has the process which aligns with your approach and is just right for you. 


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